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Every law library in the world, it seems, compiles lists of links.  We've made no attempt here to compete with the large law schools, but instead have concentrated our efforts on annotating those sources we think will be most useful to Massachusetts librarians. Our goal is to provide easy access to all Massachusetts legal resources available, and a gateway to Federal and out-of-state materials.  Sources are grouped into the following areas:

Mass. Primary: Massachusetts Cases, Statutes and Regulations

Mass. Law About...: Mass. law-related sites grouped by subject area

Fed. Primary: Federal Cases, Statutes and Regulations

Forms: Links to Massachusetts and Federal forms available for no charge

Self-Help: Sites designed with the non-lawyer in mind

Directories: Links to directories of lawyers by location and specialty.

Legal News: Easy ways to find the legal information that's making today's headlines

Other States: Sites that provide access to the laws from states other than Mass.

If none of those satisfy your needs, try a legal search engine:

This is not a set of links, but a metaindex. The legal researcher can sort through the information available on the Internet by searching over 100 legal indexes on the Internet simultaneously.

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources   
Here you can search for legal information by subject or jurisdiction. Includes links to law schools, laws (state, federal and international), legal organizations, legal news, and legal practice information.

Or, a Mega-Site:

The ABA's LawLink (TM) Legal Research Jumpstation
This is an outstanding site, both for the breadth of information and its clarity of presentation. Includes links to federal and state law, legislative resources, international sources and much more.

Cornell/Legal Information Institute  

Cornell is one of the best known sites for legal information. The Legal Information Institute includes recent and historic Supreme Court opinions, US Code, and "other important legal materials--federal, state and international."

The Law Engine!   
Brimming with content, provides links to substantive law sites, law libraries, newspapers, and more. On the first screen alone, there are over 150 links. This truly is one stop shopping.

WashLaw Web 
From the Washburn University School of Law, a leader in providing legal information on the Internet. Has hundreds of links to both primary and secondary law sources.

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