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Massachusetts Constitution

Executive Branch

Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) is not available online in its entirety. Instead, individual agencies may choose to mount their regulations. To make your searching easier, we provide three areas on the CMR: The CMR FAQ answers common questions about the CMR, CMR by Citation provides links to those sections which are available (listed in numerical order). is an index to the entire code, and provides links where available.

Massachusetts Executive Orders. Here we provide chronological lists of Executive Orders, as well as an index to them. Most of the orders are not available online, but any of the Trial Court Law Libraries would be happy to assist you in locating them.

Legislative Branch

Massachusetts General Laws
Mass. General Laws with links to current session laws. Users can browse, search by subject, or retrieve a specific section.

Judicial Branch

Massachusetts Rules of Court are not available online in their entirety. The following sections are available:

  • Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 1 Scope of Rules
  • Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure Rule 1.3(9) Computer Generated Forms
  • Rules of the Board of Bar Examiners
  • Supreme Judicial Court
    • Rule 2:21 Appeal From Single Justice Denial of Relief on Interlocutory Ruling
    • Rule 2:22 Petitions Under GL c.211 sec.3
    • Rule 3:01 Attorneys
    • Rule 3:03 Legal Assistance to the Commonwealth and to Indigent Criminal Defendants and to Indigent Parites in Civil Proceedings  
    • Rule 3:04 Limited Practice by Attorneys from Other Jurisdictions Who are Engaged in Certain Graduate Law Studies or Programs of Legal Assistance Rule 3:05 Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants Rule 3:07 Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct
    • Rule 4:01 Bar Discipline
  • Uniform Small Claims Rules (Trial Court Rule III)

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court Cases:

  • LexisOne This site requires free registration, and provides fully searchable opinions from January 1996 to date.
  • Lawyers Weekly This site allows searching of SJC and Appeals Court cases from January 1997 to date. Cases are available by 1:30 p.m. on the day they're issued.
  • Social Law Library: Cases from 1999 to date are available for no charge. Cases are available by 1 p.m. on the day they're issued.  A similar database of cases going back to 1937 is available for subscribers only
    • SJC
    • Appeals Court
  • Supreme Judicial Court Office of Reporter of Decisions SJC and Appeals Court cases are only available for the most recent two weeks. This site does provide the earliest access to new decisions, however, usually by 10:30 a.m. It also provides a selective e-mail service, through which you can register for cases on selected topics to be sent to you.

Massachusetts Superior Court Opinions Selected cases are available from September 1999 to date.

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